The Kansas City Health Equity Learning and Action Network (KC HE LAN) drives learning and action in our region to create a high-quality health ecosystem rooted in equity, humanity and community.

Through our collective work we are addressing deep and long-standing health inequities by helping leaders recognize the systems and practices that stifle health and health care – as well as the power, and duty, each of us has to take action. 

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The KC Health Equity Learning and Action Network provided through a partnership between the Health Forward Foundation, the KC Health Collaborative, and The Institute for Healthcare Improvement and is made possible through the generous support of foundations and organizations in Kansas City 

The Health Forward Foundation (HFF) is focused on health equity as an integral part of the mission and vision of HFF. COVID-19 has presented many obstacles that contribute to pervasive inequities in underrepresented communities, an economic recession due to many small businesses being impacted and a national racial reckoning. Therefore, the need to address inequity and its impact on the health of our community became not only clear but more opportune. In this partnership, HFF serves as the visionary organization and convener of assembling a comprehensive, multi-sector strategy, to address the factors that lead to inequalities in health access, treatment, and outcomes.

KC Health Collaborative (KCHC) is a multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit, regional health improvement organization that creates a trusted, place for stakeholders to establish relationships that create common interests and a place where people can have a seat at the community table for the difficult, but necessary conversations and bold actions to take place. Actions that no one stakeholder can take on their own. The KC Health Collaborative provides the backbone and infrastructure for the KC Health Equity Learning and Action Network which aligns with its focus on health equity and addressing the social drivers of health.

The Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI) is a global organization that’s mission and vision are to improve health and health care worldwide. As a company committed to continuous improvement the organization leverages collective learning to improve equity & advocate for diversity, inclusion & equity in everything they do. It is a core value that they stand by and are committed to in their work. In this partnership, IHI utilizes partnerships to address the health needs of its communities by collaborating with visionaries, leaders, and frontline practitioners to seek and achieve science-based improvements in health and health care.

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