The Kansas City Health Equity Learning and Action Network (KC HE LAN) drives learning and action in our region to create a high-quality health ecosystem rooted in equity, humanity and community.

Through our collective work we are addressing deep and long-standing health inequities by helping leaders recognize the systems and practices that stifle health and health care – as well as the power, and duty, each of us has to take action. 

What We Do

Together, we’re building the foundations for a better, culturally responsive health care ecosystem that meets our whole community’s needs.

●     No one is better suited to inform the solutions needed in our health care systems than the people who have experienced firsthand the harmful discrimination in those systems. We actively engage people with lived experience to inform the solutions our region needs to achieve health equity.

●     We commit to collective action through shared learning and accountability.

●     We will act to highlight mindsets and change policies, processes and systems that perpetuate health inequity.

How We Do It

The Kansas City Health Equity Learning and Action Network (KC HE LAN) engages leaders across our community and the health ecosystem to learn and understand what health equity and structural racism are, leveraging a national, evidence-based curriculum and centering the experiences of communities impacted by health inequity in our region.

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